Practicing what we preach

do what you love

When you're in the business of helping others with their business, it's easy to get wrapped up in their dreams and lose sight of your own. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE my clients and the work I do, which I plan to keep doing for years to come. It's just that "practice what you preach" thing that hits me every now and then. 

Last year I tested the waters for creating my own ecommerce site to help local artists, crafters and makers sell their work. All my research pointed to "do it!" so I invested the time and money to design and build my site. I started the soft launch... but a few weeks later, my personal life shifted in a major way. I had to back burner my dream venture for what I thought would be just a few months. Then in what felt like the blink of an eye, a few months turned into a whole year.

made in concord dot com

That proverbial back burner...right? There always seems to be a perfectly good reason for keeping something else on the front burner. But the question is - how often do you find your gaze going to that passion project peeking out from the back? How does leaving it back there make you feel? 

I'm here to tell any and all artists, small business owners, creative solopreneurs - don't let that stove full of projects silently dictate your priorities. Do what you love. Find a way to stop or slow down doing whatever is in the way and make time to do what you love. I just have to say it one more time - do what you love.

It may or may not be something you can make a living from or even monetize at all. Whether it's doing something for your business, your job, your community, your health, or just for your own personal moments of bliss - if you love it, do it. 

back burner projects

Doing what you love shouldn't be viewed as such a luxury. It's most definitely a vital necessity for happiness, productivity, mental clarity, stress reduction, anger management, motivation...the list of reasons is long. Nor does it need to be defined as your whole life's pie, nor even as a whole slice. It can be just a few nibbles. Make the best choices that are the most realistic for you.

So I quit the "do as I say, not as I do" modus operandi - and my dream site is finally back in action. I'm super excited to commit some time each day to operating it and marketing it. 

Now I have to really practice what I preach - set goals, develop strategy, make plans, create content and WORK it!