How to get more spark from your Facebook business page

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So you already know the value that a presence on Facebook can bring your business. Now, these are the key words to remember when you're planning content for your business page:

  • Relevance
  • Value
  • Authenticity
  • Humanity
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Frequency
  • Engagement

These words reflect (what should be) the core components of the messages you write, the content you share, the schedules you keep for any of your social media platforms, especially Facebook.

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Find your best voice

It's important that you set the right tone with what you post on your Facebook page:

  • Be real, not fake. Tell the truth. Be authentic.
  • Speak like a friend. Know what your followers care about. 
  • Show compassion. Celebrate others. Be of service.  
  • Take pride in what you do. Share your vision. Be ethical.
  • Talk with people, not at them. Make conversation.
  • Keep your sense of humor and promote positivity.
  • Remain calm and objective in the face of complaints.
  • Inspire and educate people. Build community.
  • Speak your mind, but go easy on the "buy me, buy me!"

Social media is still exactly that - social. While it certainly does cater to plenty of commercial messaging, news broadcasts and mindless entertainment, social media still lives and breathes for the immediate connectivity it provides people. Businesses and solopreneurs who nurture and cherish that space of connectivity are more likely to see results.

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Learn what people like

So what are those results, exactly? For Facebook business pages, it's all about the almighty "like." Do they like your page, do they like your posts, do they like it all enough to want to comment and share?

All that liking gives you engagement measurements, allows you to answer questions, get feedback, and it helps to expand your reach. Facebook's mysterious algorithms reward engagement and frequency by delivering your posts to more of your followers in their news feeds. Plus your followers' friends see what they're liking, so those friends might have a look, too.

The most important thing to do is test and measure how people respond to different kinds of content, as well as how Facebook delivers it. Photos and videos (uploaded directly) generally get the most traction, then plain text posts do fairly well after that. Instant sharing of other pages' viral posts can do pretty well. Posts with outside links are important for occasionally driving followers to your website or another reputable source, but they tend to get less attention - primarily because Facebook doesn't deliver them as widely. No doubt the bots are geared to keep people hanging out on Facebook, rather than leaving to visit another site.

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Gather your champions

Despite the constant battle with Facebook's algorithms, engagement always begets more engagement. If you're having trouble getting those first few likes that start the ball rolling, enlist a team of champions among your friends, family and colleagues who will regularly hit the like button. Educate your followers to update their page settings to see your posts first, or they can even get an alert whenever you post. Make sure your content is so awesome that they don't want to miss a thing.

There are several more ways to improve how you use your Facebook page to garner more engagement, from making it easier for people to find and connect with you, to creating more awesome content, to spending a few bucks on ads, to mapping out your editorial calendar and posting schedule. I like this helpful post from the Hootsuite blog, which goes into more detail about good Facebook page strategies.

Good luck and try to have fun with it!