Great reasons to celebrate your business

celebrate your business

As we begin the fourth quarter of the year, now is a great time to take stock of how your business has been going so far and make some plans for next year.

Think about which marketing efforts worked...and which didn't. What you were able to sell...and what you are still sitting on. Who gave you great feedback...and who complained.

What are you going to do differently next year to grow or at least sustain your business? How will you keep people interested and how will you keep yourself motivated?

One way to approach these questions is to consider some of the many great reasons there are to celebrate yourself, your business, your customers and your market at large - any of which can translate into marketing efforts:
  • New product or service - addition to a line, new innovation, improvements, ideas coming soon
  • Hitting a big milestone - number of social media followers, number of sales, bringing an idea to fruition
  • Holiday - real ones like Halloween, industry celebrations like American Craft Week, or silly ones like National Hot Dog Day
  • Seasonal - summer, spring, fall or winter, tax time, back to school, vacation
  • Anniversary or birthday - for yourself, your customers, your staff, your business
  • Teachable moment - witty observations, life lessons, zen quotes, kidspeak
  • Public mentions - article in a local paper or trade magazine, getting noticed online, customer success stories
  • Inspiration - local culture, nature, colors, animals, positive imagery
  • New event - teaching a class, hosting a reception, attending a show
  • General news - staff changes/additions, new location, awards, community or customer activities
How many of these ideas resonate with you? Pick and choose from this list to plot out your plans on next year's calendar for designing, producing and marketing. Remember to celebrate your customers and colleagues, too - not just yourself. Call me if you need help!