Why creative solopreneurs should care about marketing

As a columnist for Bella Crafts magazine last year, I wrote about our creative space - organizing tips, motivational prompts and storage ideas.

This year, I'm writing about marketing for creative solopreneurs. Here's an excerpt from my current column:

Creative solopreneurs are those of us who have taken (or are considering taking) our beloved craft hobbies to the next level. I will attempt to provide insights and answers to that proverbial question - can we quit the day job and make money doing what we love the most?
A few years ago, I took the plunge myself...and lived to tell about it. As a designer in the craft industry, I’ve made a nice transition from hobby to job. And as a marketing consultant, I enjoy helping solopreneurs in many different industries to take their self-promotion more seriously.
So let’s talk a bit about marketing and why creative solopreneurs should care about it. First of all, you must think of yourself as a small business from the get-go. Marketing strategies are, at their core, the same for any size business, whether you run a global company with thousands of employees or you run a dining room table operation with thousands of buttons. It’s just a matter of being realistic about your goals and resources.

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