3 reasons why you should start a blog for your business

why blogging is importantBlogging is good for your business in many ways - let's talk briefly about the top three reasons.

1.  Blogging improves your website's SEO 

Search engines use complex algorithms to return the most appropriate answers to people searching the internet for information on various topics. These algorithms rely in part on web content being current and non-static, having related keywords and being integrated with social media. Blogging allows you to develop and propagate the types of content that you want more of your business's target audience to find.

2.   Blogging conveys the integrity of your company

Blogging gives you a platform to communicate with your clients, colleagues and the media in more conversational, educational and inspiring ways...without being too commercial or self-aggrandizing. You can weave your vision, expertise, personality and business ethic into your posts with more spirit, humor and emotion than you can with marketing copy.

3.  Blogging develops a foundation of loyalty

Your blog is a critical part of your customer service presence and your overall brand. It supports your sales and marketing efforts when you can't do it in person. Blogging can become the voice that your customers want to hear and your posts can become the information they want to share with others.

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