How a marketing plan benefits your business - Part 1

customer service and brandingThis is the first of two posts in which we'll look at some measurable ways that a marketing plan will benefit your business. A good marketing plan should do the following:

1.  Identify and reinforce your brand

First let’s clarify what a brand is. Many people mistakenly think it’s just about your logo or tagline. A brand is not physical—it’s visceral. 

Your brand is your audience’s collective perception of you and your business. Your marketing plan should strive to develop and maintain the brand you want to have. 

You can’t control your brand, but you can influence it with your messaging and your service - good or bad.

2.  Be tuned into your marketplace

Your marketplace consists of the who-what-where-when-and-why information about your customers, colleagues and competitors. Whether your marketplace is local or global, your marketing plan needs to include research and regular interaction within the industries and communities where you plan to do business.

3.  Heighten awareness of your business 

Creating awareness requires consistent outreach beyond the walls of your office, shop or website. 

Chances are people won’t need you when they first hear about you. Your marketing plan will ensure they remember you and can find you when they’re ready.
Your plan should map out the specifics of your messaging and imagery, the audiences you want to reach, as well as which methods and venues you'll use to engage with them. 

Awareness becomes the strongest when your messages are collaborative, interactive, authentic, honest and relatable. It's not just about creating a memorable logo, URL, tagline or jingle.

It's about creating a good feeling in your customer's gut.