Book review: "The Fine Art of Shameless Self-Promotion" by Margot Potter

The Fine Art of Shameless Self-PromotionMargot Potter is so good at The Fine Art of Shameless Self-Promotion, you don't even realize she's doing it when she's doing it.

Margot is funny and friendly, smart and stylish. She's full of whoo-hoo for people who are putting their best foot forward. She's an eternal optimist, able to turn a sucky day into a carpe-diem moment.
So if you meet her or watch her videos, you find yourself just wanting to hang out with her, wanting to listen to whatever she has to say...or sell...she's that good.

She's also a terrific writer and wordsmith—her book is chock full of humor, wisdom and been-there-done-that advice that is truly enjoyable to read.

In addition to a circus tent full of ideas and practical steps to take in your quest to tell everyone you have the greatest show on earth, Margot gives page after page of atta-girl! and you rock! commentary to help build your self-confidence. 

At first I thought it was a bit much, all that ego-boosting. But as I was reading, I was thinking about my own business and the 20+ years of experience that I bring to it, and I caught myself shirking away from her praise for my skills. I realized it wasn't because I thought it was overkill. It was because I thought for a minute that I didn't really deserve it. And that natural instinct we all have to shy away from a compliment is what can kill your business before you've even opened your first box of business cards.

If you're building a business upon a really great idea, but you're distinctly uncomfortable with opening up to people and tooting your own horn, then you need to read this book. Even if you're already a maestro in the brass section, you'll still benefit from Margot's marketing tips. You'll learn how to be confident without being arrogant, and you'll learn how to highlight all the best parts of yourself as you engage with prospective customers. And you'll get a few laughs, too!

Margot insists, and I believe her, that you can shine in your own unique way that makes people want to bask in your glow...and that is indeed a fine art that will only appreciate in value for your business.