"It's hard not to get excited when talking to Lisa about marketing—her enthusiasm is second only to her expertise! It has been really empowering to receive her guidance for my start-up art and design studio. After examining my company’s goals and our industry, Lisa was able to identify impactful, efficient ways for us to get rolling on our marketing. She also created a detailed road map for our future strategy. Working with her has been fun and we are looking forward to putting her plan into action!"

     — Kiera Lofgreen, Falconette Design

"Lisa has provided great guidance; helping us take our website and marketing to the next level. She is very knowledgeable about how to optimize one’s marketing efforts and speak effectively to one’s target audience in today’s complicated marketing environment."
     — Ron Snyder, Plan2Win Software

"I have had the pleasure to work with Lisa...her presentation is always first class and you cannot help but smile in her presence. Her marketing savvy is off the charts and she has a broad understanding of the creative consumer."
     — Tiffany Windsor, Cool2Craft

"There are people who are professional, who know their stuff in and out and who aren't afraid to work hard. Then there are people who have that amazing ability to put everyone around them at ease with their humor, grace and friendliness. Lisa is one of those unique individuals blessed with all of these traits. She's wonderful!"
     — Jake Finch, Generation Q Magazine

"Lisa is an incredibly driven and creative talent. She possesses a wide variety of skills ranging from design and demonstration to marketing and social strategies - all of which make her a powerhouse in the creative industry. Not only is Lisa is a pleasure to work with, but she always delivers on time and on budget."
     — Andrea Currie

"Lisa has always been my go-to for social media advice. She is prompt, professional and fun to work with. She does thorough research into her client's fields before setting out her detailed social media plan for them. Lisa has a proven track record and I highly recommend her."
     — Angela Daniels

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