How a marketing plan benefits your business – Part 2

Here are four more ways a marketing plan will benefit your business (continuing on from Part 1 of this two-part post). 

A good marketing plan should:

4.  Nurture existing customers
Marketing is happening every moment you and your existing customers are together, whether it’s in your building, on your website, or on your social media platforms.

nurture your customers
Even when you aren’t proactively promoting something, your marketing efforts are there...they might be lingering just beneath the service or they might be positioned in plain view.

Your plan should include tactics for providing great service and using creative merchandising techniques (physical or virtual) that will:

  • Encourage customers to explore, which can lead to a larger sale
  • Make them feel special, which can motivate them to refer you to their friends
  • Incentivize them to return and buy from you again

5.  Attract new customers

Your plan should outline several different ways to find and keep new customers—people who don’t know you exist, people who need you (and those who don’t realize they might), people who fit your target audience profile. Put your leads into a database that you can segment and prioritize for regular outreach.

You also need to build your network of colleagues, supporters and influencers who may not necessarily be buying from you, but they are willing to spread your message and help promote and/or refer you.

6.  Prepare for growth

When all your marketing efforts are working and generating loads of sales and traffic – how will you handle the increased volume?

It’s really exciting to think about success—but with success comes more juggling, new hires, expanding, more inventory, new services, etc. You’ll want a plan in place so you’ll be ready to take it on, maintain your service levels and decide how you’ll invest the extra profit.

7.  Be measurable and goal-oriented

Each marketing effort needs a goal and method of measurement established so you can analyze what works and what doesn’t. Here are some examples of measuring an effort to see if you hit a sales or traffic goal:

  • Use a coupon code to track sales from a special offer
  • Monitor how many new email subscribers you get from a new sign-up button
  • Track how many visitors you get for a period of time after an ad is placed

Lastly, your marketing plan should be realistic for you and your resources. Establish your budget first, then let the brainstorming and research begin…and let me know how I can help you!

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