Why use social media for your business?

why you should use social media for your businessSocial media is a powerful marketing tool that helps you build and nurture stronger, more intimate relationships with your customers and colleagues. It allows you to tap into the power of customer loyalty and viral messaging.

Using social media effectively can help you keep the human touch in your business and allow you to be more accessible to more people than you can be in person. It gives you a platform for teaching and sharing, and most importantly, for listening. It drives traffic to your website or blog.

With the right social media marketing plan, you'll gain valuable insight into what your customers want, you can more easily monitor your competition, you'll have more ways to solicit feedback and you can improve your customer service. 

While social media is not usually an appropriate platform for direct selling tactics, you can use it to add value to what you're selling and have more influence on your brand. 

Social media marketing is about more than navigating the big sites like Facebook or Twitter. It's about engaging with people online in all kinds of interactive ways—through blogs, photo-sharing, podcasts, video, discussion forums, user groups and niche communities.

It is true that social media efforts can be a huge time-suck...so in order to make sure you're spending your time wisely, it's really important to do your homework and learn more about the various venues and the demographics they serve.

Think of social media venues like they're a bunch of different parties. You need to be spending time wherever your customers, colleagues and supporters are most likely to be hanging out. 

And guess what? The parties keep changing...they get smaller, they get bigger. There are always new parties where you don't know anyone yet, parties in places you've never heard of before. Sometimes you can just peek in for a minute and then leave without really missing much. Other times you have to belly up to the bar and keep a close eye on the action, maybe even buy a few rounds for the house.

So let's put on our party hats! I know a lot of the bouncers out there—I can help get you in the right doors.


  1. So the questions becomes how do you know which parties to attend? In other words how do you know which social media outlets your clientiel are frequenting? Other then guessing or presuming? Are their measurable demographics out there for the various social media platforms?

    1. Yes, there are basic demographics available for most of the social media platforms. Doing research via hashtags and other keyword searches on each platform you suspect has value is also helpful to find and profile your target customers, as well as watching, reading and networking.


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