Marketing tells a story

marketing is storytelling

Marketing is often viewed by small businesses as a gamble, rather than as a necessity. It's easy to assume marketing is always a crap shoot if you cannot see sales coming in fast enough from your efforts. 

The truth is, marketing does indeed take time to produce sales growth, and you do occasionally need to rely on your gut and roll the dice. But it's vital to sales success, because your marketing efforts, big or small, tell a story about you and your business. 

Sharing that story is what draws people in and makes them want to learn more about you. Maybe they will buy your product now or maybe later. Maybe they'll share your story with someone else who will buy. Maybe they're inundated and overwhelmed and don't yet realize they could use your help. In any case, you need to make sure you've got a really great story that is honest, authentic, relatable and accessible.

It’s so important to invest some time developing a thoughtful marketing plan for your business—a plan that's realistic for how you spend your time and money, a plan that's based on the best knowledge you can dig up, a plan that has room for a little trial and error, a plan that has room to evolve and grow. 

Think of yourself as a storyteller. You know from reading your favorite books that the best storytellers take time to create an outline, develop a plot, research their facts and shape their characters. 

What's your story?


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