Isn't marketing just a bunch of hooey?

why marketing is importantSome people seem to think so. Marketing is often seen as too expensive, too complicated or too risky. Marketing resources tend to be the first to get cut when business is slow...but that doesn't really make sense, does it? If sales are down, you can't just wait around for things to change. You need to go out and do something to pick things up, right?

Marketing does not have to be expensive, complicated or risky. It does, however, need to be budgeted, measurable and realistic for your business.

Marketing is about getting the right message to the right people at the right time. 

Figuring out exactly what, who and when is "right" is key. Effective marketing efforts will help you and/or your business stand out from the crowd. A thoughtful, proactive marketing plan supports your sales goals and helps to influence your brand. A little time spent researching your market and analyzing your efforts will go a long way towards making sure you are getting bang for your buck. 

I'm here to help you sort through what's hooey and what's not. Let me know what your questions are, either here with a comment or you can message me directly with the contact form in the sidebar. 


  1. No hooey or phooey! Marketing strategy is just what I teach transitioning Veterans when they're trying to sell themselves to employers for the kinds of jobs they have earned and deserve.

    1. That's great, self-promotion is an important skill.


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