Crafting your intent

In my Creative Solopreneurs column for the latest issue of Bella Crafts Magazine, I write about the importance of crafting your intent.

When you are completely clear on your own intent for your business, you can develop more effective messages to attract the kind of customers you want, get them to feel something, and then guide them toward making a purchase – or at least inspire them to share your message.

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Why creative solopreneurs should care about marketing

As a columnist for Bella Crafts magazine last year, I wrote about our creative space - organizing tips, motivational prompts and storage ideas.

This year, I'm writing about marketing for creative solopreneurs. Here's an excerpt from my current column:

Creative solopreneurs are those of us who have taken (or are considering taking) our beloved craft hobbies to the next level. I will attempt to provide insights and answers to that proverbial question - can we quit the day job and make money doing what we love the most?
A few years ago, I took the plunge myself...and lived to tell about it. As a designer in the craft industry, I’ve made a nice transition from hobby to job. And as a marketing consultant, I enjoy helping solopreneurs in many different industries to take their self-promotion more seriously.
So let’s talk a bit about marketing and why creative solopreneurs should care about it. First of all, you must think of yourself as a small business from the get-go. Marketing strategies are, at their core, the same for any size business, whether you run a global company with thousands of employees or you run a dining room table operation with thousands of buttons. It’s just a matter of being realistic about your goals and resources.

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How does your home page measure up?

This is a great infographic from HubSpot that outlines twelve important elements that should be on the home page of your website. I just had to share it, because I still see so many sites that miss the mark. You only have a second or two to make a good first impression when people land on your site. Make sure your home page gives visitors plenty of good reasons to click around and learn more about what you offer.

The value of video

value of video lisa fulmer

Check out the article I wrote (pages 14-16) for Craft Industry Today, a monthly magazine for members of the Craft & Hobby Association.

I talk about how to use video, in your shop and on your website, to engage with more people and help them make informed purchasing decisions. Quality engagement means happier and more loyal customers!

Setting SMART goals

Albert Einstein
No, I'm not talking about being smart like Einstein. Back in the 80s, management and marketing experts developed the SMART acronym as a guideline for setting more effective business goals. 

It’s still a viable tool today - use this acronym for every goal you set for yourself and your business – from sales and marketing to production and expenses. Learn more about it in this post I wrote for the Creative Income blog.

Why a marketing plan is so important for solopreneurs

message in a bottle
Wikimedia Commons
As solopreneurs, are you taking your marketing seriously enough? Have you written a marketing plan for your business, or do you think that's something only larger companies need to worry about?

The crux of marketing is the same for everyone, no matter what size or type of business you're in. Marketing is about getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

The real challenge of marketing for solopreneurs isn’t so much about finding enough time and money to buy advertising, engage on social media, design a nice website or print some postcards. Yes, those are all marketing issues you'll surely have to deal with, but the real challenge of successful marketing is figuring out what the right message is, who the right people are, and when the right time is.

That's where a marketing plan comes in. I recently wrote about why solopreneurs should care about it for the Creative Income blog. Click here to read the full post.

Book review on business leadership

I reviewed Leaders Eat Last, a book written by Simon Sinek, for one of my client's blogs - just thought I'd share a link to the post here.

Sinek writes about powerful and historical forces that have not only shaped our culture as a whole, but that also reign influence on our actions and interactions as individuals and as leaders.

A very worthwhile read for any entrepreneur or business owner!

6 steps for how to start a blog for your business

how to start a blog for businessIn my last post, I discussed the three reasons why you should start a blog for your business. Now let's talk about the preliminary steps required to launch a successful blog.

The value of the marketing funnel

value of marketing funnelThe "marketing funnel" concept has been around for over 100 years. It's about the journey a typical customer takes to buy a product or service. The funnel shape represents the number of people at each stage of the journey.